Every Friday morning my alarm goes off, followed by a reminder on my phone that says it’s that time again – time to step on the scale and discover the progress, or lack of, that I’ve made for the week.

No matter the week I’ve had, this process never gets easier. Sometimes I look at it carelessly, like, “Well, you were on vacation so it is what it is!” and other times, when I’ve stuck to my calorie budget and got in my workouts, I seem to have higher expectations.

A little over a month ago, I hit 40 pounds lost and I was ecstatic! Then, a week after that, I was at 43.4! Wow! The week after that, unfortunately, I bumped back up again and found myself at about 41 pounds lost. (I wasn’t too surprised given that I went out of town for a few days and had a stressful second half of the week after a lady backed into my rental car while at a drive through coffee stand!)

While still beyond that 40-pound mark, I was bummed. I was stressed, lacking sleep, and because I was also saddened by that small gain, I gave into way more junk than I normally do – resulting into feeling like crap. Then come Monday, I realized how a lack of exercise and eating terribly made me feel, so I made sure to stick to my calorie budget and get in my exercises.

Friday rolled around and it was time to step on the scale. Like I mentioned before, even though I ate well and did my exercises Monday through Thursday, I was still nervous. Sure enough, I was disappointed. I didn’t see the scale drop once again. I was frustrated. I started the day with a loss and my whole attitude and train of thought were impacted.

I was especially frustrated because, despite drinking an extra latte and giving into snacks and cake for the party of a 5-year-old, I felt like I did everything else right during the rest of the week. I went online and looked up articles on reasons why you don’t see the scale budge when you think it should. This made me feel a little better, as I was reminded of things like how stress, lack of sleep, and normal adjustments to routines affect your weight. Then, somewhere in one of the articles I read, I saw and liked the idea of stepping on the scale less frequently.

I also found another blog post that recommended throwing out the scale altogether. While I don’t agree with it completely but can see how it would be beneficial for some people, I thought that the author brought up some excellent benefits and points. This is when I realized how much I let my weekly weigh-in affect my mood. Whether it was good or bad news, I either started off the day with a smile, a frown, or just an indifferent feeling — if there was no loss or gain.

Starting off your day upset because the scale didn’t budge is a horrible way to kick off the weekend! Getting into better shape and becoming healthier is measured in ways far beyond the scale.

I’ve decided to have one more weigh-in (since it’s the end of the month) and then I’ll wait a whole other month to weigh-in again. At the end of each month, I do a weigh-in that also involves measuring myself, taking my BMI and body fat percentage numbers, as well as a progress pic. So, this will give me some great data to compare a month from now in addition to what the number on the scale says. I also jotted down how I feel, and how the next size down pants I’m almost able to fit into fit, so that I can compare those things a month from now too. It’ll be a fun little experiment!

I’m curious to see if I’m more motivated to stick to my healthy routine since I won’t have any numbers to tell me my progress for the week or if I find myself frustrated with the unknown. Since I’ve started, I’ve weighed in every week with the exception of a two-week wait when I was aiming to hit my 20-pound goal and I wanted to give myself an extra week to really focus on that number.

I think this is going to be tough but, after tomorrow, I’m going to put the scale out of sight. I am looking forward to a new challenge! Not obsessing over the number on the scale will be hard, but I think in the end, will be worth it.

[Update! I woke up this morning, dreading my weigh-in as I always do — but was pleasantly surprised! Down 45.2 pounds and 24.25 inches!

Interested in reading the blog post that inspired me? Check it out here.