Did you know that you can use avocado in place of butter in your baked goods?

I recently learned this trick while watching one of those weight loss shows that also happened to include some food tips! The couple losing weight was getting married and the chef mentioned that the cake they were tasting was healthier for multiple reasons, including using avocado in place of butter! This was news to me and I immediately had to try it. Since then, I’ve incorporated it into chocolate chip cookies and pancakes!

While the cookie recipe I like uses an entire avocado, the pancake one only utilizes one and a half tablespoons of mashed avocado because it’s replacing 3 tablespoons of butter.

Typically, the mashed avocado is used to substitute half of the amount of butter — which is why the pancake recipe uses 1-1/2 tablespoons instead of 3.

Here’s what I found works best for me:

  • Cut open the avocado and remove the skin and the heart.
  • Dump the contents into a Kitchenaid mixer or mixing bowl.
  • Beat the avocado until smooth (this may take some time). With my Kitchenaid, I’ve used both the flat beater and the whisk — but I’ve found that the whisk works better for getting it smooth.
  • Since I use it for pancakes on the weekends, I portion the avocado out into 1-1/2 tablespoons and put them into small bags, push out the air, and then freeze them. Then they’re easy to grab when I make my pancakes!