This morning was my last weigh-in of 2015. The last time I wrote about my weight-loss progress, I discussed the dreaded plateau and how I had hit one for a solid 3 months. (You can see that ugly plateau line on the chart below!) After I had realized how to get back into gear, I started dropping weight again! This led me to set the goal of dropping 30 pounds by the last day of 2015.

Weight Loss 2015

Sadly, I didn’t hit 30 — but I came really close! I weighed in this morning with a 27.2-pound loss! So, I’ll take it. šŸ™‚ On top of the weigh-in, I made sure to take some measurements.

When I first started this journey, it was the middle of May and that’s when I had weighed myself for the first time all year. Then, in July, I managed to remember to measure myself. While I don’t know my total inches lost from my starting weight back in May, I do know that I was able to lose a total of 10.5 inches since July! That was a pretty cool realization.

Sometimes the scale plays games with you and you feel like you’ve made progress, but the numbers don’t show it. So seeing those measurements really makes you feel good!

Just for fun, here’s where I saw changes:

Neck: 1-inch lost
Waist: 1-inch lost
Hips: 1-inch lost
Calves: 1/2 inch lost
Thighs: 1-inch lost
Upper Arms: No change
Stomach: 4 inches lost
Bust: 2 inches lost

Total inches lost: 10 1/2!

My favorite part was seeing that I lost 4 inches in my stomach! While I didn’t reach my 30-pound goal in time for the new year, I’m still 27.2 pounds closer to my goal than I was 7 months ago! I will keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully be able to report on some changes and new discoveries next month. My next goal is to reach 40 pounds lost by my birthday in mid-February! Even if I don’t get there, I hope to get as close to it as possible. Wish me luck!