I started this journey on May 4, 2015 and I have a long way to go. But right now, I really feel like I’m making some serious progress!

Every Saturday morning I do a weigh-in. Some of those days are very exciting and others make me wonder what happened. Regardless of whether or not the scale budges, I find myself super motivated. If I see loss, I get excited about my progress and it proves that what I’ve been doing has been working. If I see a small gain, or no movement, I take a deep breath and I use it as fuel to make sure next week’s weigh-in is a success.

I have a lot of goals in place…I created goals and set up rewards for each 10-pound increment that I reach. Currently, I am excited about reaching my next 2 goals. As of this past weigh-in, I’ve lost 18 pounds! (Eek!) My next 2 goals are actually the same weight-loss amount, but one has a timeline. My brother has been working in Costa Rica since the end of May and I look forward to being 20 pounds lighter by the time he returns in a few weeks! Additionally, reaching my 20-pound weight loss goal means I get to buy a sweet new workout shirt! I’m pretty stoked. Only 2 pounds away and he returns in about 16 days. I think I can do it!

Two weigh-ins ago, I was down 14.8 pounds. This was quite exciting, even though I was still 5.2 pounds away from my next goal, I was pretty excited about my progress. The next week, I made the mistake of weighing myself 2 days early for no reason. I found myself back up 2 pounds which meant I was only at 12.8 pounds lost. I’d been eating well and working out, but I just wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong.

I did a little bit of research. I realized that my lack of movement was from a few things. I had been stressing out a little bit and not sleeping well. That can very easily have an impact on your weight loss. Another article I found was something much more interesting. It was about what a trainer of many professional athletes would tell his clients when they called about their lack of movement. He asked what they had been doing, then asked them what they weren’t doing and then told them to do that.

My biggest takeaway from that was basically that it’s important to mix up your routine. For me, I changed my warmup to walking at an incline instead of a flat surface, I started adding planks to my regular routine and increased my reps. I also started more double workout days — strength in the morning, cardio in the evening.

The following weigh-in I was at 18 pounds lost! I stepped on the scale 4 times to make sure I was reading it right, and I was! The same number popped up each time. How exciting! I’m going to just keep it up, make healthy choices and still eat what I enjoy in moderation.