Weight loss goal #1 = 10 pounds!

In early May, I weighed in at one of the highest weights I could remember. With my 10-year high school reunion approaching, I realized that I had the potential to drop 10 pounds before it came. While that’s not nearly as much as I’d like to lose before the June reunion, I knew 10 pounds was the most feasible. By the morning of my reunion, I dropped 9.4 pounds. Yay! But that still wasn’t my first goal. I had decided that once I hit my 10-pound goal, I would go get a massage as a reward.

I started slow. I started striving to get in morning workouts as often as I could. Not only did I start taking work breaks, I started going for walks on my breaks. I started cutting back on candy and other desserts. Lastly, I started swapping sparkling flavored water for soda and shopped for healthier snacks.

When it’d been over a month, I was making bigger changes. I started tracking my food and documenting my workouts to see how I’m doing. I started doing research on the number of calories I need to cut in order to lose the weight that I want. My lunches and dinners have been various large spinach and spring mix salads with healthy portions of protein. I’ve found myself going days without being tempted to eat something sweet. I’ve found myself looking forward to working out in the mornings or when I get off of work.

With all these changes, I knew I was on the right track. So I created a series of goals for various milestones to help keep me motivated. Basically, a goal for every 10 pounds. They vary from something like a massage to a new piece of workout clothing.

A lot has changed in these past few months and I’ve made a lot of progress I’m proud of. Last week, I worked out intensely 5 days in a row and was able to eat calories below my daily goal. I knew I had a half-pound more to lose to hit my goal and I really wanted to get there!

Yesterday morning was my scheduled weigh-in (I weigh in every Saturday morning) and I was super nervous. I didn’t want to go another week where I didn’t hit my goal after I knew that I busted my butt. But then I weighed in…and I discovered that I not only met my 10 pound goal, I also lost another 2.8 pounds — making a total loss of 12.8 pounds! So now, it’s massage time. 🙂