Reason #351 Why Living Alone Is Awesome

The number 351 is completely random, but I thought it might be a catchy title. Maybe you’re thinking “Wow, there’s 351 reasons why living alone is awesome? I have to check out this list!” I may have very well just lied to you. But to be fair, in reality, I am constantly finding reasons why living alone is awesome. I will be sitting on my couch watching whatever I want while wearing mismatched pajamas and I will think to myself, “Reason #127 why I love living alone. I bought this couch. I decorated this living room. I bought that TV. I can watch whatever the heck I want to and I can look like a slob today because no one is here to judge me!”

So, for fun, here’s a list of the reasons why I love living on my own:

  1. I can shower with music! I will wake no one in my house by jamming out to my favorite tunes at 6am as I shower or 10:00 at night if I want to.
  2. Everything in this house is MINE. In the past I have rented rooms from people or shared half of a living space. Some of it was my idea, most of it wasn’t. I love going from room to room having it just the way I like it.
  3. No one will eat my leftovers. If I go out to my favorite restaurant tonight, I have no fear that my food will be gone tomorrow.
  4. If I come home late, I don’t have to worry about waking up anyone. It’s kind of a funny thing that even when I lived with peers, I didn’t like coming home too late, just as I did when I lived with my parents. Mainly as a courtesy because I didn’t want to wake anyone when they’re sleeping. Especially if there was dogs! But now, I could come home at 3am and bang pots and pans if I really wanted to.
  5. I can leave the dishes in the sink. I am a clean and organized person — but I hate doing the dishes. It’s the silliest thing because it’s not even like I don’t have a dishwasher or something. I just like to put off unloading and reloading the dishwasher for as long as I can (which is usually about 2 days — 3 max). If I let it go for too long, I get sick of looking at them!
  6. I can control how much energy I use. One of the biggest fears I had when I first got a place of my own was that summer would come and I would suddenly have this outrageous energy bill that would throw me off and cause me to go broke and I’d have to move back in with my parents. (A little ridiculous, I know.) But shortly after I moved in, I took some time to research how to limit energy use and my first energy bill for my 900-something square foot place was only $23! Not too shabby.
  7. I can rock out while cooking. I love to play Pandora all the live long day — especially when I’m cooking and cleaning. I can choose whatever station I want and just crank it up while I get things done around the house.
  8. I have my own parking space. Well, like 6 of them actually. I have covered parking of my own and much more for guests. It works out perfectly. Gone are the days (for my current home at least) where I have to park on the street or just out in an open, uncovered area.
  9. I can decorate every room — how I want it. I have beach for my bedroom and roses for the bathroom, chili peppers for the kitchen, and a teal/beachy theme going on in the living room. My spare bedroom/office/gym is more ‘inspirational’ themed, I guess.
  10. I can walk around naked/in my undies. Who wouldn’t love that? Gotta get something from the dryer and you just got out of the shower? Go ahead. Walk on over there. No one will see you! The whole house is yours.
  11. I can choose whether or not I will have pets. I choose not. I am allergic to dogs and cats and I’m not a fan of the sound of a barking dog in the middle of the night or early in the morning. My neighbors dogs do their part in warning us of strangers!
  12. I never come home to unexpected guests. When living with roommates, many days would be a surprise. I’d come home and they’d have someone over. Sometimes I would know them, other times I wouldn’t. Sometimes I didn’t want to be a social butterfly with people I didn’t know and I’d rather go to my room. Now, I never have to worry about that.
  13. My room is not the only place I spend time! Along with my last point, I used to spend a lot of time in my room (both when living with roommates and parents) because I just love my me time. Especially when a work day was stressful or my favorite shows were on, hanging out in my room was the only place I wanted to be. Now, that can be my living room.
  14. I can have people over whenever I want. If I want to have a friend over, I don’t have to ask someone if it’s okay. Come on over. Let’s have a party!
  15. If I want to be alone, I can be alone. If I want company, I can have that too. I have options. I love options.
  16. I don’t have to check in with anyone. Mostly with living with parents, I would let them know where I would be and who I’d be with. Even with roommates, I felt I should be courteous and say, “I won’t be home until later! Going to the movies.” Now, if I want to pick up and go somewhere, I can just do it.
  17. Morning workouts. I have two bedrooms in my place and the second one is an office/gym. Basically, a room with a treadmill, a desk, and a TV (plus some other items). I’m able to get up at 6am, use the loud treadmill while watching TV and not have to worry about waking an-y-bod-y. šŸ™‚
  18. The dryer doesn’t eat my socks. I was folding laundry and I had at least a dozen pairs of socks and everyone of them had a match! I realized that in the last year, I hadn’t experienced the loss of a sock. Since I’m the only one doing laundry, sometimes the dryer holds one for me until the next load when I find its match.
  19. I don’t have to get dressed on the weekends. Well, unless you’re going out. But today it is 5:01 on Sunday and I am wearing the same thing I wore to bed last night.
  20. I get to do lots of food prep. This might just be me, but I love being able to stock my freezer heavily and make meals ahead of time. I don’t have to worry about taking up someone else’s fridge room.
  21. I get to learn how to fix things. It’s empowering to learn how to set stuff up on your own. Whether it’s replacing the belt on your vacuum cleaner or changing the propane tank on your BBQ, it feels good to know how to do things you normally don’t have to.
  22. I get creative. I like to re-purpose items for the sake of saving money and not throwing everything away. I had a set of drinking glasses and one had a chip in it. Instead of tossing it, it stays next to the sink and holds my knife cases!
  23. I can have cake for breakfast. Okay, I don’t actually ever eat cake. But I could if I wanted to! No one will be around to judge me.
  24. I am more apt to socialize. I love playing hostess. It’s a great opportunity to get out all my entertainment ware and bust out some board games. Also, I spend a lot of time with myself so when someone says, “Hey. Wanna see a movie?” I’m like, “Heck yes! Doing my hair and makeup. See you in 20!”
  25. I do more things than I used to. When you don’t always have someone around to socialize with, you get creative. Or you just take it as an opportunity to do something you’ve been putting off but wanting to do. Scrapbooking, writing a blog, cleaning out the storage shed, reading a book, watching that movie you never got around to seeing…the list goes on.
  26. I’m more willing to try new meals. I love to cook, but something I noticed about living alone versus with a roommate or parents is that I have the room to store more ingredients so I am willing to try a whole new lineup of recipes. I make it a point to try a new recipe almost every week. Right now I have molasses in my cabinet. Looks like I’ll need to find some more recipes to use it!
  27. I can have a drink before 5:00. Sometimes on a hot day, when I’m relaxing in my backyard at like noon, it really makes me want a refreshing mojito. Don’t judge me.
  28. I can watch stupid movies or “very R” movies (as I like to call ’em) without being judged. I like to randomly choose movies to watch on Netflix and some of them are ones I have no idea on the back story. Then as I’m watching it, I realize that I’m thankful no one is around to judge me. Or my mom nearby to say, “What the heck are you watching?!”
  29. I can have nice things. I recently spent a lot of money on a couch and I have a kitchen full of utensils that would just about add up to the cost of my nice couch. I don’t have to worry about my roommate’s cat using my couch as a scratching post or someone taking a knife to my nice pans.
  30. I can rearrange the furniture or change up the theme in any room. It’s my house, I do what I want.


  1. The freedom of expression and just being ourselves is astounding! Any loneliness is normal and totally worth the “cost” of happily living alone. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy! šŸ™‚

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